Lauren Conrad For BOGO


You read it right. Reality star/designer Lauren Conrad’s line is selling so poorly,L.A. hot spot Kitson is offering a Buy One Get One… FREE sale!

SMH… I do respect the fact that she is a REAL designer (she attends FIDM as documented on ‘The Hills’) and not a public figure who is trying to cash in but I NEVER liked her clothes. They weren’t very youthful and very il-fitting, doesn’t flatter figures. While some were expecting this, I would have never saw this coming. Well, I guess she still has her reality show checks still coming in. I wonder how Heidiwood is doing?

You can check out Lauren’s line at her online store, or if you’re in the L.A. area stop by Kitson and buy the whole rack, maybe you can get a group discount.

My FASHION IS DEAD Campaign is officialy in effect.

3 Responses to “Lauren Conrad For BOGO”

  1. 1 levin

    thats sad… but i like her so much shes soo beautiful i wana mary her…

  2. 2 Sarah Eshleman

    I actually really liked her designs. I was upset that they were so expensive. But I did think that they were really cute. I can’t wait to see her Lauren Conrad Collection for Kohl’s. Hopefully the clothes are cute.

  1. 1 Lauren & Beyonce Does The Emmy’s « Fashion Manifesto ||Because Style Doesn’t Happen Over Night

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