Fashion Police



While I don’t rock with the whole baggy pants thing, [I wouldn’t date a guy who’s pants were at his knees] I don’t agree with this new law. I recently heard of it through a counselor that was telling me that they are trying to make wearing saggy pants illegal, especially here in New York. In Flint, Michigan they are getting pretty serious:

 Wearing saggy pants can land you behind bars for a year and be fined for up to $500! The “sagging pants” style may also grant the cops an authorized search warrant! The American Civil Liberties Union, however, is up against this weird law and fighting it out in court. According to them, the law should be thrown away, as it highlights a thoroughly racist mentality.

In the words of Dr. Michael Eric Dyson “I’ll defend your right to say it, but the some of the stuff you say I wouldn’t even play it”.Translation: I’ll defend your right to wear it, but that don’t mean I like it or would try it, or recommend it. I want to know, when did self expression become illegal? This is what these young man like to wear, this is what they’re comfortable in, this is how they express themselves. Contrary to IGNORANT  beliefs, saggy pants did not originate in Hip Hop. It originated in jails, the prisoners wore baggy pants and were not given belts or anything of that nature because officials believed they would use it to perform suicide. Being that prison is often glorified in Hip Hop lyrics, they took the style from the cells to the sets and that’s when it made it’s way into the streets. In my opinion it’s racist. Point blank PERIOD. THEY have been trying to, for a while, shut down the very influential culture that is Hip Hop. Blaming everyone and pointing fingers for things that go wrong in their house hold and with their children. I’ll stop there, because that’s a whole ‘nother subject. Just to stay on topic, you can check out a couple more fly brotha’s who have taken in their seams below the cut…

Still like a little wiggle room? Here’s some inspiration & ways to wear it:

Now… some men like what I call “wiggle” room and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t go over board, I know nothing about men’s fashion so I want give any more “advice” about it.

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