Halle Berry first wore this Hale Bob dress while running errands in Beverly Hills then Paris Hilton rocked it while attending an Art Gallery with her sister Nicky. My money is on Halle being that she had the new and improved “mommy body” to pull it off. Then again:

Halle wore this Yoanna Baraschi dress while out & about in L.A. then Paris hit up another art exhibit in the same dress a few days later…. perhaps Halle is Paris’ muse? I’m actually stuck, I think both of them did it justice, although I’m not feeling the white shoes Paris rocked with it. But….


3 Responses to “Who ROCKED It?”

  1. 1 Bored@work

    Halle Rocked it !!

  2. 2 TL

    I think that Halle rocked both outfits. And its interesting to see how an outfit can be easily dressed up or down.

  3. Indeed, Hale Bob and Yoanna Baraschi are recognized as two of the most well favored dresses of celebrities. I think Halle rocked it off! 🙂 Though, Paris Hilton has the taste Halle wore it glamorously and effortlessly

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