Get Rihanna’s Outfit!


Like I stated in a previous post, I know some of you prefer to get your favorite star’s simplest looks rather than a red carpet look. Something you can wear doing every day activities. Since Rihanna is on the top of everyone’s list, I figured I would bring to you one of her simpler looks:

She was recently spotted in Malibu shopping a couple days ago in this outfit. The high waisted look seems to be the most requested and sought after look on this blog. People are really going crazy over it. So this is the look I bring to you:

Tank: Favorite Ribbed Tank $10, Gap

Skirt: Moschino Jeans Stretch Cotton Sateen Pinstripe A-Line Skirt $338, Revolve Clothing

These are Rihanna’s exact shoes:

Giuseppe Zanotti Cut-Out Shoe Boots $795, Net-A-Porter

For the rest of the outfit, read the rest…..


Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarer II Sunglasses $139,eLuxury

Necklace: Rachel Leigh Audrey Freshwater Pearl Long Necklace $167, Revolve Clothing (her necklace is Chanel)

Bracelets: Rachel Leigh Organic Hemp Charm bracelets $88, Tobi

First bracelet: Vita Silver Hardware Choco $77, Revolve Clothing

Second Bracelet: Quilted Bangle $6.80, Forever 21


This is as close as you get. Remember Get Her Outfit is not the same as Steal Her Look so you won’t get exact matches.

4 Responses to “Get Rihanna’s Outfit!”

  1. I love those shoes…I must have knockoffs!

  2. 2 Bored@work

    I like Rihanna’s hair like that with a little color!

  3. 3 toy

    Great shoes! The bracelet is nice also. The overall look is great – young and fresh.

  4. Very well-writen piece! Thanks for sharing.

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