But Why?


Okay ladies, there are thing you simply don’t do, and this is one of them:

You do not wear a bikini top on a red carpet when you have STRETCH MARKS!!! I’m not quite sure if Flavor of Love 2 winner London Charles aka Deelishis was trying to land on someones blog by doing this but damn it she made it! I know once you have children your body changes and that’s okay because that’s how God meant for it to be but you just stop wearing certain things. I agree with you Necole, that’s nothing some concealer and M.A.C. NC 45 wouldn’t have covered up.

Ladies, only try this at home… DO NOT STEP OUT OF YOUR HOUSE LIKE THIS! If your man loves and appreciates it, good for you, but this is just wrong and the BIGGEST Fashion Faux Pas. One question… BUT WHY??

P.S. Other than the stretch marks with the bikini top, she does look very pretty and accessorized well.

8 Responses to “But Why?”

  1. oh my goodness, there is no way in god’s green earth that woman should’ve walked out the house like that, why didn’t someone tell her?! she needs to stop. check out my blog!!!

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  3. 3 TL

    Wow….just wow

  4. 4 The Truth

    who gives a flying fuck. she’s fit, sexy and stretch marks are part of life. you people are shallow as hell. and no I’m not a disgruntled feminist etc or some bullshit I’m a real man who can appreciate a beautiful woman’s body for what it really is. You can take that to the bank for all I care. PEACE!

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  6. 6 okkielady

    Ok, people she did this on pupose, she wanted everyone to recognize that stretch marks are apart of being a women ,and that they should not be considered UGLY… this was done on purpose people. you should really do your research before you publish a story… SMH in shame…. She looks gorgeous and who the hel* cares if she has stretch marks? I know I don’t care, she was trying to let people know that she’s not ashamed of her stretch marks, and that’s why she bared all…..Geeesh!!!!

  7. I think it was AMAZING that she did that. It shows that BEAUTIFUL women have REAL bodies. Real, beautiful bodies.

    Heidi Klum has stretch marks. Brooke Shields has stretch marks. Kate Moss has stretch marks. Julia Roberts has stretch marks.

    The difference is that THEY ARE TOO AFRAID TO SHOW THEM. She wasn’t. Good for her.

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