Hottest Shoe On The Market…. For Less!


I recently did a post about the popular Givenchy Open Toe Gladiator Booties (Hottest Shoe On The Market) that everyone and their mother seems to be rocking. While some of you loved it, as did I, $995 was a far fetch from what you actually could afford. Well to my surprise, but not really, I found the “cheaper alternative” at Steve Madden:

They call it the “Ginn” and it retails for $199.95

Here are the two shoes side by side:

How can you tell the difference? Well the Steve Madden version is shinier (perhaps it’s “finishing” oil?) and as far as I can tell that’s the only difference. The detail, heel, buckles, everything is an exact match to the real thing and not to mention it also comes in Bronze. If you want the shoe without spending your rent money then go with Steve Madden, if you want the shoe, can’t afford it but REFUSE to wear a “cheaper alternative” then sit this one out. LoL. What else did you want me to tell you? Steve Madden never fails when it comes to coming with the knocks.

Ladies, how do you feel about this?

One Response to “Hottest Shoe On The Market…. For Less!”

  1. 1 Rebecca

    Great site…I linked from ybf………Thanks for the info on the shoes….I want to go check them out in person….And i also found some cute baby phat dresses that are on back order.
    I will definately be back to your site 🙂

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