Chanel Iman for PINK


Well if it isn’t the 18 year old phenomenon Chanel Iman wiggling her way into the Victoria’s Secret empire. She once stated that she wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel (a move like that can make your career, VS is the company to get with to take your modeling career to the next level), so it’s a good look modeling for their spin off brand PINK. Check her out:

This is a good look for her, nice to see a young black model doing the damn thing being that they seem to get no love in the industry. Also here is one of her photo’s from Vogue Italia:

This chic is fierce!

On a side note: She was recently linked to Kanye West romantically. Although he’s 31 and she’s 18, I hear she’s very mature for her age, hence her being in the industry for a few years now. Not sure if it’s true or not but he does love a fashionista!

4 Responses to “Chanel Iman for PINK”

  1. i was happy when i saw on victoria’s secret. she’ accomplishing so much

  2. 2 Naasika

    yay chanel!!!! love this girl!!! she is my inspiration. thanks for posting this =).

  3. 3 ryder

    chanel is really sweet. she has a great potential.
    but i think austria frim IMG will be succsed more than chanel. just my opinion.

  4. 4 Nadien

    I don’t know what Victoria’s Secret was thinking.
    Yeah, Chanel is incredibly pretty, but Victoria’s Secret is a lingerie company…And Chanel Iman has no curves at all.

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