A Lesson On Personal Style…


When it comes to style, it is very important to have your own. Even at times when I post certain looks on here or items that may turn off some people, the possibilities are endless. If you have personal style and have the ability to wear the outfit and not make the outfit wear you, you can pull off anything! Here are some examples:

Leighton Meester and America Ferrera both wore this Alice + Olivia dress on the set of both their hit TV shows. Leighton rocked it with a more cute girl gone picnicking look while America got in character as Ugly Betty herself. I’m sure if you watch Ugly Betty you don’t admire Betty’s style. I know I don’t. But the difference of preference and personal style made all the difference. While America chose to mix prints, fabrics and colors that should never even be placed next to each other while still on their swatch boards, Leighton chose to go for a more simple cutesy look. You would’ve never guessed the dress was so versatile right?

Pic courtesy of Batch! Please

Now moving on to Rihanna & Solange:

When I first saw the Rap-Up cover I realized the “skirt” Solange was wearing was not a skirt at all, but a dress that Rihanna rocked to last years Brit Awards. Same thing again with the difference of styling and the importance of having your own. While Rihanna over and over again describes her style as “glam rock” her look in this dress was far from it. It was very mature and classy, none of that leather pum-pum shorts and lace gloves she usually wears. You would’ve thought right off the back a dress like that would be impossible to pull off the way Solange pulled it off. Solange threw a shirt over it, a cardigan over that with two-toned tights and a lime green under skirt. Rihanna’s look was more classy and very appropriate for the event she was attending while Solange glammed it up and made it a lot more funky and edgy. All those funky colors against the silver metallic skirt worked perfectly! Both looks worked and it shows just how far a little personal style goes.

Of course no website is going to mix and match clothes like this so when I feature random clothing don’t get turned off by a simple dress thinking it’s too “plain”. That is the purpose of Fashion Manifesto. Developing personal style and owning it. Even if you are styled by a professional you still have to own your look. Like Rihanna has and unlike Beyonce has (still).

One Response to “A Lesson On Personal Style…”

  1. 1 Chanel

    solange looks better in that dresss though

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