Brave New Girls


I usually pay no mind to Rap Up magazine but after seeing this cover, I just simply couldn’t help my self:

Teyana Taylor, Keri Hilson and Solange are all gracing the cover. I am loving all of the ladies looks, it’s right up my alley. My client’s (and myself) are going to be looking a lot like this. I am absolutely madly totally in love with the colors, hair, wardrobe everything. These ladies are the most “different” when it comes to fashion, I have to say. Keri & Teyana were trend setters from day one and Solange has definitely been getting on everyones good fashion side as of late. People often tell me I look like and remind them of Teyana, we’re both “eccentric”. Well as long as it’s a good comparison, I don’t mind. I am going to be admiring this cover for weeks, I’m always looking for inspiration for a new hair-do and I’m definitely getting some now.

*wiping sweat from my forehead* That’s HOT!

2 Responses to “Brave New Girls”

  1. 1 Chanel

    wtf is this chic above me talking about?!?!?! anyway…. this cover is crazy dope. Teyana looks nice and who knew Keri had killer legs?? not me! Solange is def coming into her own. I’m happy bout that, she’s been “Beyonce’s lil sis” for so long. she’s finally setting herself apart. in her personal life, fashion sense, style of music, everything. she’s juss her self and i never used to like her but now i do. Can’t wait for her album!

  2. 2 brazy

    dope as eva so niggas STOP N SATRE

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