The More The Merrier!


That’s my policy when it comes to necklaces and other accessories. Celebs love it (especially Beyonce!) and so do I! Layering necklaces and bangles/bracelets always looked a lot more funkier and fun and I almost never wear just one. I wouldn’t exactly call it a trend, but it’s definitely something you should consider.

You can layer thin ones on top of thick ones, mix different length’s, layer chains with pearls or colored necklaces. The more different the accessories your layering are, the better. Some necklaces (Chanel, Juicy Couture, etc.) already come layered. You can start with those to get a feel of it. Charm bracelet’s and necklaces also have the same feel of layering because of the different charms. What I don’t recommend is layering necklaces and bangles or bracelets at the same time! Keep that to a minimum.

To peep some pre-made layered Jewelry (no matter what your budget), read below the cut….

Juicy Couture Vintage Estate Bracelet $128, Revolve Clothing

Juicy Couture Charming Necklace $98, Revolve Clothing

Rachel Leigh Audrey Freshwater Pearl Short Necklace $158, Revolve Clothing

Citrine by The Stones 3 Strand Necklace $253, Revolve Clothing

Voom by Jay Han Eli 34″ Necklace $85, Revolve Clothing

D&G Dolce & Gabbana Vintage Rope Chain Bracelet $225, eLuxury (also comes in silver)

Juicy Couture B-La Dolce Vita Charm Bracelet $178, eLuxury

Dior Trotter Romantic Medium Necklace $310, eLuxury

Just Cavalli Dangling Logo Necklave $186, eLuxury

D&G Dolce & Gabbana New Keys Charm Necklace $250, eLuxury

Beaded Flower Necklace $8.80, Forever 21

Polished Star Necklace $5.80, Forever 21

Double Butterfly Necklace $5.80, Forever 21

Envy Multistrand Necklace $9.80, Forever 21

Tier Rhinestone Necklace $5.80, Forever 21 (also in silver)

I absolutely love layers when accessorizing! It adds dimension to your look but what I don’t do (and don’t recommend you do) is layer necklaces and bracelets at the same time…. that is just too much! The attention should be in one place and one place only.

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