Just Some Random Stuff….


I have been seeing pictures after pictures of looks I am absolutely loving! So I decided to do a random post of all my favorite looks rocked this week, and you care because you value my opinion *smiling*

Cassie rocked a Herve Leger dress and Christian Louboutin slingbacks to DJ Cassidy’s (who happened to DJ for Beyonce & Jay’s wedding) B’Day party. I love this look so much! I never knew a skinny chic could rock HL though, I thought you would need a “package”.

My GIRL Alicia Keys rocked this very beautiful gown to her Keep A Child Alive Black Ball in the UK. My favoritest look of them all. Gotta love this chic man!

Gabrielle Union arrived at the Meet Dave premiere looking so fugging fabulous! I don’t know what it is about this look that did it for me, but damn it it did it. I think it’s the green necklace and shoes and how well it meshed with the purple.

Now ya know Rihanna is my girl, so when I saw her in this very fab sequined stripes & polka dots mini dress I was in love! I’m not the type that goes for skin tight dresses anyway, I love dresses that are tight/fitted at the top with a flare on the bottom. I guess it’s because those kinds of dresses get’s along well with my body type.

My least favorite look goes too….

JASLENE! The out of work Top Model showed up to DJ Cassidy’s party in this…. in this…. in this…. damn it I give up! I’m not exactly sure what this is, but she showed up in it and was flaunting the hell out of it. *sigh* Is she trying to be “different”? ‘Cause you know that’s everyones excuse now-a-days.

Until next time….

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