Mariah Carey Cover ELLE


For those of you who don’t know, ELLE is my favorite fashion magazine and for the upcoming August issue my fellow Butterfly loving Aries, Mariah Carey, will be covering the issue:

To see pictures of her spread inside the mag (along with her brand new husband), you gotta go below the cut….


It takes time & options to get a Honeylike Mariah camera-ready:

The pictures are fab and she is definitely working it for someone who is staring 40 right in the face. So does that mean she is the new Cougar on the block? (For all those who don’t know, a Cougar is a woman who dates younger men with a size-able age difference- Nick and Mariah has a 12 year difference) To read the interview go over to 

Side note: I guess this is the shoot for ELLE she was doing when it was said that “she summoned Nick to keep her company when he was partying it up at Diddy’s MGM Grand ‘Diddy’s Den’ Opening” back in May. A whole hoo-haa all over the blogs about Nick needing his balls back and Mariah’s people confirming that she simply “asked him to keep her company because the shoot went over into the wee hours of the morning” *sigh*
“Nobody wanna see us together but it don’t matter no, ’cause I got you babe”

Come to think of it, for my next “What Would _____ Do?” post I may feature Mariah Carey…. you think? Should I?

2 Responses to “Mariah Carey Cover ELLE”

  1. 1 Sarah

    She looks great in all those pictures!!! She’s awesome and I don’t believe people don’t buy her CD’s and her stuff! SHE’S THE BEST EVER!! Even though it all happened in her life she’s still the 6th richest woman in the world according to this list I just found

  2. 2 Dawood

    Michael Jackson: “She has the voice of an angel.”

    Here I’ve tried to collect all notable tributes and quotes on Mariah Carey from peers:

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