Big Sale At Bag Haus


BagHaus.comis having a big sale on handbags ladies! You do not want to miss this. I get e-mails from the website through a subscription (in which I actually didn’t subscribe, but whatever) and as soon as I opened it I decided to put on my lovely devoted FM readers. For those of you who never heard of Bag Haus, it’s a website that of course sells bags but for waaaayyy less than any other retailer. They usually run for about $40-$100. But if you don’t do knock-off’s, or as we like to call it “cheaper alternatives”, then Bag Haus is not for you. But if you want your favorite stars look for less the Go Now!

Happy shopping Fashionista’s 🙂

One Response to “Big Sale At Bag Haus”

  1. Lucky me that I found them otherwise I would have just gone back to Bag Haus at 10. In German though, I don’t want to be a website. Might want to reconsider Happy shopping Fashionista.

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