Kid Sister Style


There are celebs who become more famous for their style than what they actually do (e.g. Rihanna, Kelis) and Kid Sister is slowly but surely becoming one of the most fashionable people in the game right now. Every time I see this girl, something about her captivates me. Her style of music for one is quite different than any other female MC I have heard and her style is something that people will be emulating for years to come. Fashion icon you say?? Nah, she has a long way to go before that. The pics below is from her shoot with Complex magazine (on news stands now) and I also added a couple “Kid Sister items” for those who admire her style as much as I do.

For some “Kid Sister items” go below the cut…..

Foxy Epoxy $16.20, AllTheRageOnline

Find It In Your Heart Necklace $8.10, AllTheRageOnline

Nieves Lavi Sleeveless Dress w/ Waist Tie $264, Shop Bop

Juicy Couture Double Chain ID Bracelet $98, Revolve Clothing

Noir Starlet Necklace $92, Revolve Clothing

By Malene Birger Finka Rich Bangles $74, Revolve Clothing

Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Pleated Mini Dress $150, Shop Bop

Hellz Bellz Extinction $42, Revolve Clothing

Insight Dr. Wonka Top $44, Revolve Clothing

Lux Tie Back Bubble Tunic $68, Urban Outfitters

I can see Kid Sis in all of the above, so if you like her style and working on developing your own then here you go!

3 Responses to “Kid Sister Style”

  1. 1 Fashion-Guru

    is it just me or does she loook like Alexis Phifer (kanye’s ex-fiancee)??

  2. Yeah, Kid Sis is hot. Her fashion game is no punk!

    Good lookin’ on those links. I’m always looking for new accessory sites.

  3. I love kid sisters music. And her style is cute , it has mass appeal 🙂

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