That’s TOO Haute


Some things have crazy prices and it’s nice to admire but you know damn well you’re not going to purchase it.  Even though about 67% of this world is broke, couture brands insist on still  putting out 6-figure items. In the latest  “I want it but I know I can’t afford it” case, D&G makes the world’s most expensive sunglasses:

This bad boy retails for $383, 609…. Seriously?? Are there Diamonds in and around the lens, on the sides, up the alley, down the block?? 300k for what?? No price ever surprises me, but this is a little TOO Haute for me!

One Response to “That’s TOO Haute”

  1. 1 shashkayah

    wooooh!!! u can buy a car- a pretty great one at that- for the price of these shades. I mean, designer but over 300,000? No way, jose. I don’t think there are so many stupid people in this world who actually would consider buying them unless they have over a million dollars in the bank. Insane. But… if u wanna buy me a present on the other hand… be my guest 😉

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