Kim Kardashian and Heidi Montag (ugh) both wore this Stella McCartney jumpsuit (that everyone seems to be going crazy over)  on two different occasions. Kim wore it first to the BET Awards and Heidi wore it the other night while out with boyfriend manager fiancee friend co-star whatever he is to her, Spencer Pratt. While my money is on Kim, who the dress fit perfectly and accessorized well….


2 Responses to “Who ROCKED It?”

  1. 1 miss t

    welll… kim did accessorize well, she didn’t have spencer on her arm. lmao! i hate them, i’m sorry.

  2. 2 miss t

    and is that a birkin?! who the f is heidi anyway?? sheesh. i thought they screened people for the birkin list (not just take money from whoever yucky person would pay for it)

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