Get That Look!


For the fourth installment of Get That Look!, I am hooking you up for a formal event. There are four things we need help getting dressed for- lunch dates, interviews, red carpet events and dinners. So just in case your going to a formal event but not too formal (perhaps a red carpet for the launch of an organization or clothing line?) I got you with you the perfect summer look:

Emilio Pucci Nelion Print Dress$2, 340, Net-A-Porter 

Givenchy 583989 $699, Zappos 
MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Patent Leather Clutch $268, eLuxury 


I noticed that with my previous three Get That Look! post’s, it was mostly black/white clothes. I didn’t do it on purpose but I’m just attracted to black clothing, sexy black clothing that is. Summer is here and I felt I was depriving you guys of color. So have fun with this look, take pictures and send it in. I’ll post it!

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