Fashion Watch: L.A.M.B.


I have had my eye on L.A.M.B. for quite some time now. Being that it was another “celebrity line” I was skeptical about it at first like “here we go again!” but Gwen Stefani seems to know what she’s doing. So for the second edition of Fashion Watch (KLS was the first) I give you the most trend setting brand on the market… L.A.M.B.:


Houndstooth Fade Tank $55

The following items are at Saks Fifth Avenue:


Houndstooth Sequin Mini Dress $685 (My favorite item & a MUST HAVE)


Edie Mini Dress $255 (sale)


Triple Pocket Trenchcoat $425


Lolita Belted Sweater $171 (sale)

For more looks, read below the cut….

The following items at Nordstrom:


‘Mirror’ Dress $425


‘Classic Tux’ Pants $185


Checkerboard Leather Jacket $925

The following items are at Shop Bop:


Fanny Coatdress $297.50 (sale)


Roman Mini Dress $285


Repeat After Me Hoodie $145


Ruffled Collar Blouse $157.50 (sale)


Baby Jane Dress $175


Angel Jacquard Madeline Clutch $275

Carlisle Oversized Clutch $425 (it folds out into an “oversized” clutch)


Signature Westfield Tote $575

Fun Fact:
The L.A.M.B. Collection is inspired by the Jamaican culture, Gwen and her husband Gavin are very into Reggae and the Jamaican culture (that is why they named their son Kingston)

One Response to “Fashion Watch: L.A.M.B.”

  1. great taste, lady! everything you’ve posted up is tasty! I also love the houndstooth dress and the Carlisle is gorgeous!


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