Sweet Notes: Baby Phat Fabulosity



Besides looking good what you MUST do is smell good. Okay you’re fly and you’re make-up is on point but your skin must always be in tip-top shape and you have to smell good. This is not a game ladies! So for my very first Fragrance post I bring to you FABULOSITY (the newest fragrance from the Baby Phat empire). For Baby Phat’s first fragrance, Goddess it was an instant hit and surpassed expected sales and with the release of Golden Goddess, it proved to be that Baby Phat was at the top of their game and it wasn’t because of the woman behind the brand, but the brand itself.

Recently I went to the kick-off for WEEN’s (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) “Don’t Judge Me…. Empower Me” tour and backstage they were giving away all kinds of free gifts including Fabulosity. I had every intention on getting the fragrance but I was stalling, but since I got it for free then “Hey!”. I am so impressed that I had to recommend it. It’s scent is floral and very gentle. Not too strong, but strong enough to last and make an impact. Just in time for summer, and also what I love is it’s ability to go from day-to-night. And you have to love the Diamond design, which exudes pure Fabulosity. PERFECT in every way!

It reatails for $45 (1.7 oz) and $55 (3.5 oz) and you can purchase it at Sephora, Macy’s or online at Baby Phat 

I recommend it ladies, GET IT!

One Response to “Sweet Notes: Baby Phat Fabulosity”

  1. It really fabulous, I just passing from the way and I wicked suddenly and observed the fragrance smell. It just rocking.

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