Steal Her Look: Rihanna’s Top


I know I did 2 Rihanna post’s so far (this one making number 3) but I have been seeing her everywhere that fashion is so I just can’t help it. You guys can’t even front, you want to know and have what she’s wearing just as much as I do, or you wouldn’t keep coming back right?

Recently when Rihanna performed at The Early show, she wore this Elizabeth & James top with latex tights and Burberry(?) shoes. The shoe designer is still un-confirmed. To find out where to get her top and the price they’re asking for, read below the cut….

Elizabeth & James James Feather Fringe Long Jacket $765, INTERMIX

Personally, I think $700+ is a little steep for something that is not that attractive. But if you really want it then get it, and if you want the whole look you can purchase latex tights at American Apparel.

Also check out the Trend Alert post I did about Latex tights.

To all a good night… I won’t be posting tomorrow because of an event I will be attending, but I will back in business on Sunday. Yes people, gossip sleeps but fashion doesn’t.

One Response to “Steal Her Look: Rihanna’s Top”

  1. 1 $a$ha

    dont ever do this again… this is the ugliest thing i’ve seen rihanna in so far. this E&J shit is whack. I love E&J but not this frilly thing they got

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