If Looks Could Kill


Recently I did a post about the “If Looks Could Kill” fashion event hosted by Toyota and Essence and featured Alexis Phifer’s clothing line Ghita. The event to me looked very fun and I became quite intrigued with If Looks Could Kill, so I visited their website. When I got there, there was a webisode called Haute Pursuit about, Bianca, an Asst. Fashion Designer for The House of Champagne in which someone steals her bag. Seriously? You just do not mess with a sister’s purse! After each webisode, you the viewer, have a chance at helping the Bianca find whatever it is she is looking for.

The viewer interaction is actually quite addictive and will have you forgetting whatever it is you we’re initially doing at the moment. I don’t want to bore any of you with a long, descriptive post about it so you can just go to the If Looks Could Kill website and see for your self. It is currently playing webisode 2 (BFF In A Box) so you may want to start at number 1 (Haute Pursuit). Here’s a descriptin of it in a nutshell:

Bianca’s hooked up with a dream job as Assistant Fashion Designer for the House of Champagne. Her boss can’t live without her, her best friend wants to be her and she’s torn between her new guy who can’t commit and her ex who can’t let go. Then, during the middle of her fashion line’s spring debut, Bianca’s life is turned upside down — ghosts from her past threaten to upset the happy life she’s worked so hard to create. Bianca’s world of high fashion meets a web of international intrigue. If she’s going to survive, she needs a friend she can trust.

Sounds juicy right? Check it out and tell me what you think. I want some feedback!

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