Kimora’s GIANT


Baby Phat designer and Business Mogul (and my role model) Kimora Lee Simmons is gracing the cover and pages of the newest issue of GIANT magazine. In the interview she speaks candidly about being misinterpreted and juggling being a mother, the head of Phat Fashions and mainting an image in the business.

I have always LOVED Kimora’s down to earth attitude and larger than life persona. She is loud, fabulous and hard to forget. Some one I know says I remind them of her, LoL…. I guess so. Until next time… go get the issue, it’s on news stands now!

2 Responses to “Kimora’s GIANT”

  1. 1 Lena


    I love her and I especially loved her show, it is hilarious. Her daughters are so cute and sassy.

  2. 2 Amanda

    Kimora looks mad sexy in this photo. I lover her show “Life in the Fab Lanne” and I don’t know how she finds the time to raise her girls, maintain her relationship, and keep up with what’s in style to work her clothing line and look fabulous doing it. She is a true sheroe don’t you think? She kind of reminds me of my girl Bianca. Ever heard of her? She’s an aspiring fashion assistant who is a prime example of a woman who’s got it going on. I’m currently working with Toyota and I’m really hyped to spread the word about our new interactive webisodes, If Looks Could Kill, in which Bianca stars in. She’s got it all! I’m talking the dream job, man who’s got all the ladies drooling, and the spice to keep it all together when hell hits the fan. Think James Bond meets Sanaa Lathan in “Something New”, Bianca is the girl who isn’t afraid to run in her Louboutin heels!

    Check out

    You’ll have to see what I’m talking about. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the first episode-Haute Pursuit-where Bianca’s handbag is stolen and the chase begins. Everyone knows you should never mess with a woman’s purse! FYI: Don’t be surprised when you find yourself being reeled in like bait. That will make two of us!

    I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds by directly contacting you. After viewing your blog and seeing how hip to the game you are when it comes to what’s hot and current, I figured this would be something that would catch your interest.

    Looking forward to the girl talk!

    Amanda Clouden
    ILCK Ambassador

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