Fashion Watch: KLS


I know some of you already heard of KLS, because the designer is quite famous. But not a lot of people KNOW KNOW, and haven’t seen the actual clothing or thought of purchasing. For the very first edition of Fashion Watch I bring to you KLS:

 Reverse Draped Dress $298

 Blousant Tunic w/Belt $298

 Halter Empire Dress $495

For some more styles and where to cop, read below the cut….

 Bejewled Halter Empire Dress $775 (this is one of my picks)

 Long Empire Dress $595

 Baby Doll Dress w/Stones $495

Bell Sleeve Short Dress w/Dragon Charm $298

 Kimono Dress w/Stones $495

 Peacock Bubble Dress $298

 Short Ombre Overlay Dress $495

 Pin Tuck Corset w/Belt $298

 Embroidered Tunic $215.99

High Waisted w/Self-Belt Skirt $168.99

Everything in this post you can purchase at the KLS  website

What do you think of her collection? Let me know… I want some feedback

2 Responses to “Fashion Watch: KLS”

  1. damn that last dress is the business…this is about to be my new favorite blog

  2. 2 beth

    My pick too..I like your pick..nice dressess.

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