Fashion That Fits


Okay, I do notice the void in the fashion world when it comes to plus size women and black models. Let’s face it…. it’s not there! With Whitney winning ANTM recently and Tyra never being the “skinny model”, why is it that big girls STILL get no love? We don’t live in a “perfect” world and not every one is a size 4 and light-skinned. This is one is for you… and no tacky fashions either! The hottest trends in your size.

White/Seafoam Ombre Silver Lurex Scarf $14, Torrid
I Love Love Love these scarf’s and it is definitely a hot trend right now!

Tripp Purple/Red Skinny Leg Twill $48, Torrid
Skinny jeans works with practically everything…. pumps, flats, ankle boots, knee-high boots, etc. I don’t know about stilettos though. Skinny jeans and heels? Nah! To check out more styles look below the cut….

Black and Pink Smocked Ditsy Print Maxi Dress $84, Torrid

Black Ruffle One Shoulder Dress $58, Torrid

Black and White Floral Bubble Tube Dress $68, Torrid

Brown and Ivory Giraffe Print Beaded Neck Halter Top $34, Torrid

Triple Buckle Belt in High Shine Black Patent $49.99, Maximum Woman

Psychadelic Dress $59.99, Maximum Woman

Block Tank Dress $39.50, Old Navy

Tie Front Tube Dress $24.99, Old Navy

Studded Pleated Tops $29.50, Old Navy

Embroidered Square Neck Top $24.99, Old Navy

Double Tie Top $19.99, Old Navy

Check out some of our Thick Celeb Sister’s holding it down:

Because real women have curves…

8 Responses to “Fashion That Fits”

  1. 1 TJ

    Love this post girl! Those red skinny jeans are cute! I never mess with them cus I think Imma end up looking a hot mess but these look like they’d work.

  2. 2 Shika

    Hello, I was enjoying your blog and decided to do some browsing of past posts and I came upon this one. Again I love your blog, I’m trying to understand the need to state the fact that your a size 4 and light skinned after you tried to address the issue of discrimination against plus size and darker skinned women. This is your blog, so of course this is your POV
    and you can type what you like but if this post was about uplifting plus size ladies in fashion,
    that statement was a bit rude and unneccessary. The way you said it is what bothers me, “everyone is not a size 4 and light skin, but I am” its like you didn’t want to be outcast in the not so fab catogory. I’m not attacking you, I just thought i’d bring that to your attention from an outside POV. NAMASTE

  3. 3 Fashion-Guru

    i understand what u are saying and i didnt really think of that like that. i was, like u said, addressing the issue and voicing my opinion and dislike with the discrimination. but i didnt say it to “not be in the not-so-fab” category, i was trying to say “i’m not a victim of that but it still bothers me” becuzz most of the people who have an issue with it is usually someone directly affected by it… most ppl who are not affected by the discrimination don’t care. everyone in my family is thick misses, with the exception of like two ppl and of course it affects them (but it most definitely doesnt affect their self-esteem!) so im addressing it.

    sorry if it offended anyone… i seriously didn’t mean it like that…. thanxx for checking out the blog though! hope that wasn’t a turn off!

  4. Toccara Jones is hot guys. She is the best in fashion. I love it when she models.

  5. 5 A-LIST

    perfect= lightskin…what??????????? I read it as you equating a perfect world with everyone being a size 4 and lightskin

    not to blow anything out of proportion, but little subtile, usually unnoticable statements like this shows that colorism is still an issue…smh

    good blog overall, clearly cuz i got this far 🙂

  6. She is the best in fashion.

  7. 7 joanaaa

    I love this post
    thank you
    so much

  1. 1 Oprah Winfrey y sus kilos de más

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