Why Do You Buy Brands?


Why do you buy brands? Is it because of the name on the tag? Because your into fashion? You have something to prove? or are you just simply that caked up? Whatever your motive behind dropping $1, 200 on an Emilio Pucci jacket, $600 on a pair of Manolo’s or $400 on a pair of Louis Vuitton goggles at the end of the day it DOESN’T make you fashionable. Yeah, yeah, yeah you have the season’s hottest shoes but are you into fashion or image? A very fashionable person can spend less than $100 on an outfit and still be the most fashionable person in a room full of heir’s. Your into money not fashion if you think the hottest labels make you fly. Put it together how you want, spend how much you want and give life to your style an be an individual. If you really like that Versace bag, so be it… then get it! But don’t get it because you want everyone to know “Look, my bag is Versace…. I spent $2, 000 on it”.

The rich aren’t always fashionable… Having the hottest trends doesn’t make you hot. Know who you are and embrace your individuality. Check out my 5 Step Fashion Manifesto to get a clue on how to claim your own turf.

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