Kim Kardashian first rocked this Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress and Keyshia Cole wore it to yesterday’s “If Looks Could Kill” fashion event. While my votes on Keyshia….

Who did it more Justice??

30 Responses to “Who ROCKED It?”

  1. Keyshia definitely did the dress way more justice. Simple is the key with this printed wrap mini by DVF. Her well-groomed coif, mimal acessories, and black pumps complement the printed dress perfectly while Kim K’s look is a little distracting.

  2. 2 danielle

    Keyshia did most definitly…..

  3. 3 angela

    Keyshia!!!! kim looks fat

  4. 4 ab

    Kim, because she has a whole Grecian look going with it. Keyshia’s is not really making a statement.

  5. 5 JCS

    Keyshia…Kim Made it look like a house dress with some cute shoes…they both look nice, but Keyshia def takes the cake

  6. 6 sexy lady

    keyshia rock dat dress its cuter on her it fits on her dats y it look nice on her kim made her dress to loose if she had made it fit a little tighter then she would of rock it but keyshia got dis 1 I holla

  7. 7 jj


  8. 8 Alicia



    How can anyone think keyshia looks better than kim? SMH

    Keyshia looks so weird here.

  9. 9 Alisha

    Keyshia definitely made the dress… she has Fantastic taste & style in all her clothing not just this dress.. But even though she doesnt really have a lot going on… its simple she took a simple dress & a pair of awsome black pumps that goes lovely with the dress & her pretty hair… & then just a touch of eye shadow really gave the dress that extra spark along with her pretty skin tone that complements the dress. Kim also looks nice but im gonna have to go with JCS Kim made the dress look like a house robe or something maybe if she wouldnve worn that shirt under & maybe tightin up the dress a little it makes her look bigger. & whoever Alicia is should stop hating she cant get mad b/c she was outvoted in the opinion of who looked better in the dress keyshia looks amazing all the time & so does kim but she doesnt in this outfit.

  10. 10 dawn

    Keyshia rocked it better than kim… their both super sexy but keyshia just rocked the dress better… but i love both of them because their sooooo sexy.

  11. 11 BabieFace

    KEYISHA!!!! Come on stop hatin on my girl she did the damn thing in that dress Kim is a bad b*t*h and she’s hot but Keyshia looks beautiful in that dress!!!!

  12. These two are my fav celebrities! I have to go with Ms.Keyisha’s outfit. Kim over did it with the nude colored camisole. I understand the purpose for that, but it is distracting.

  13. 13 Debo

    Keyshia looks better…She always looks sexy, so does Kim. But I concur with the pervious made statements which is that her cami is horrible and the dress makes her looks big. Keyshia shoes and minimal accesories give it the perfect touch!

  14. 14 Debo


  15. keyshia looks way better

  16. 16 sweet pea


  17. 17 lala

    KEYSHIA def rocked it better.. they are both pretty girls, but KIm looks bad in this dress…. it makes her look bigger than she is… and her legs are not in shape… yes we r all human, and nothing is perfect about us, but everything as a whole is what makes something look good or bad.. and it looks bad

    KEYSHIA looks sooo cute and danty.. it fits

  18. 18 4u2nv

    keyshia did it way better it’s just the beautiful color of her skin that allowed the dress to pop way better than kim… while yes kim isbeautiful … she down played the dress with that cream colored cami underneath.. what was that about

  19. 19 kamari

    Keyshia looks fab……i dont like kim in this dress, keyshia looks great in anything to me, gosh i love her:-)

  20. 20 Desiree

    Keyshia Cole ROCKED IT BETTA!!!





  22. 22 Ca'Miyah

    Keyshia looked better with this ensemble on….
    she made it look fun, fashionable, but also sleek and sexy….
    Kim looks like a troll doll

  23. 23 wow

    Wow is this a joke? They both look horrible! Keysha looks like her body’s tiny and her head’s huge and then Kim just looks plain fat! But I guess Keysha did it better, because it could be a bad picture angle. While Kim well she just looks really bad most of the time, she does not have a nice body I don’t know who the hell told her she did!

  24. 24 ni

    keyshia cole looks waaay better. kim woulda been cute if she took those damn bracelets off. and greens makes her look too pale. keyshia cole, all the way! ❤

  25. 25 LilMan_Mami

    Keyshia Cole is killing that dress all day. it fits her body style better. Kim K. should have got her dress a little more form fitting. (everywhere)

  26. 26 clarsia

    keyshia cole rock this dress 2 da fullest…aint no its an buts about it…my gurl alwayz rock ha shyt…GNR

  27. 27 KOURTNEYYYYYYbitch.

    of course keyshia rocked it better ,
    they’re both stunninggg ,
    but keyshia gotter beat on that one .
    it fits her body shape well & looks good on her too at that .
    kim should have took them bracelets off and the white undershirt / wutever it was..
    she looks good too though.
    && for the ppl that said keyshia cole is ugly..
    STFU . yhur ugly . (:

  28. 28 qumeria

    yeess….keyshia did ripp dat just …..kim just look fat…kim aint got nuttin on keyshia……keyshia is fierce…sorry kim…but u could never top her …….and HELL NO KEYSHIA NOT UGLY..(no homo)….if u say keyshia ugly u gay…and need a life…shes HOT!!!../

    =) ILY KEYSHIA…….=)

  29. 29 QUMERIA


  30. Keisha cole rocks the out fit the best im your biggest fan luv ya i will continue 2 cheer u on LOVE YOU YOUR FUTURE FAN TYRA JOHNSON

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