Steal Her Look: Sex & The City Edition


The movie of the century (in the fashion world at least) has came out and set a couple more trends and sparked some conversatin about the fashion. Who made the dress Carrie is wearing, OMG Samantha’s shoes are fab!, Look at Miranda’s bag…. How can I look like the girls of Sex & The City? I got you!

This “Eiffel Tower” bag that Sarah Jessica Parker sported in the movie caught my attention way before the movie came out (those Givenchy shoes are calling my name also). The Paps were hot on the Sex and The City trail since they were filming last summer and I saw this bag in The Daily News. If you want it read below the cut……

 Timmy Woods ‘Eiffel Tower’ Limited Edition (LIMITED) $415, Nordstrom or online 

This is the first Sex & The City look I am bringing to you. There will definetely be more though. Stay tuned!


3 Responses to “Steal Her Look: Sex & The City Edition”

  1. Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing force… people either hate the movie or love it; so far it seems like the “lovers” outnumber the “haters”

  2. Sarah Jessica Parker is really very very beautiful specially during her younger years .””

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