Bright Nails


Personally, I love neon nail polish (maybe it’s because I’m Jamaican and we love bright colors?) and when I noticed some celeb’s getting hot on the trend trail I had to put you on:

Looks like Hollywood’s finest is hot on this trend, going from the simple pink/french manicured nails to the  bright fun colors. This trend is especially good for summer. Also if you’re thinking about switching up your style, this would be a good, safe way to start. If you want to see your favorite celeb’s in this trend, read below the cut….


If you want in on this trend, you can get your nail polish almost any where. Try brands like Sally Hansen, OPI, Essie, etc. Whatever you do, DO NOT put a different color on every finger. That is tacky, taste less and so not fierce, fabulous or funky. You can be just as dope and out there if every finger was neon yellow. Kay??


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