First Lady Fashion


Now you know your fly when news irrelevent to fashion picks up on your style. Thats what happened the New York Post picked up on Michelle Obama’s fashion sense. Check out the report:

For day, Michelle Obama favors modest, safe pieces in neutral tones (think Talbots and Ann Taylor); she often wears her hair in a stiff flip and uses little makeup. (Yalof Schwarz wishes Obama would abandon the flip: “I much prefer the chignon,” she says.)

About her wearing a sleeveless dress and belt at Barack‘s recent campaign:

“I liked that Michelle wore a belt and showed arm,” says Yalof Schwarz. “She pushed the look a little bit, made it more modern.” She adds that Obama has wisely shifted away from prints and toward solid colors, which are eminently more telegenic, and that the heavy pearls and ’60s-style shift dresses are as much Audrey Hepburn as they are Jackie Kennedy.

“Michelle’s inspired by classic people,” says the editor. “She may be tall” – nearly 6-foot – “but she has the perfect frame for shift dresses.”

Check out her style:


Well, well, well…. looks like our next(?)First Lady is a fashionista

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