Best & Worst of The Red Carpet at MTV Movie Awards


I’m watching the MTV Movie Awards just a while ago (I fell asleep so I caught the re-runs) and I realized I totally missed the red carpet, besides the actual show that’s the best part right? Okay so I’m going through pictures, all of them are not in yet so I went through them and this my best and worst dressed:

Charlize Theron bustier top looked so simple but still fabulous. All black is my favorite look and it’s the most classic look. You can dress it up, dress it down, add color, do punk-rock or elegant it doesn’t matter. Charlize did the almost all black look and the metallic bustier topped it off and looked great!


I then stumbled upon Jennifer Hudson. I am fed up with her whack style (must we show our bras?) and the fact that her effort is just so obvious. Either she doesn’t have a stylist or her stylist just wasn’t feelin’ Dreamgirls. This pink, red and white “I’m too late for Valentine’s day” look is killing me. Not to mention those shoes look uber cheap, as opposed to cheap & chic. Get it together boo.

One Response to “Best & Worst of The Red Carpet at MTV Movie Awards”

  1. Why would anyone come to u for fashion advice?! Jennifer Hudson looks way better than that chick up there. You are color blind and extremely stupid as well as rascist

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