Designers To Watch: Triple L Society


Okay, I didn’t plan on posting two “Designer’s To Watch” in the same day, I planned on posting these things days or even weeks apart but I couldn’t. I’m on MySpace just looking around and I stumbled onto the profile for Triple L Society. So I went to their website and checked it out and while they didn’t have ad’s that screamed “boo-ya, look at me, wear me!” (the ad’s are usually what pull me in) I liked their originiality. Their tee’s are very simple, which means you can wear them with whatever and how ever, and not to mention there reasonably priced with most at $25. Check it out:

The girls line is very fun, funky but still simple enough where it doesn’t already tell you what to wear with it, you can do what you want. Check out the men’s line below:

I have to say the men’s shirts are very dope. “Snitches Get Stitches” and “Don’t Count My Bread”. Classic. By the way, the line is New York based (woot-woot… I’m from the boogie down!)

To peep the clothing got to there website when you go the website you will realize it is not only a brand but a lifestyle. Many brands aspire to be that but I think TLS captures it quite well.

Stay fab 🙂

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