Alice + Olivia Craze


I’m officially convinced there is a stylist going around Hollywood peddling the same Alice + Olivia dress to their clients. Aubrey O’Day, Khloe Kardashian and Keri Hilson were all spotted in the EXACT same dress at seperate events:

While I really like the dress I don’t think I could do it, oh ok I’m lyin’


If you like the dress you can get your own:

Alice + Olivia

Floral Poof Dress


You can wear it with the bow or you can take it off like Khloe did. How ever you wear it I highly recommend you wear it with strappy open-toe sandals, preferably high heels and a small clutch. The dress also comes in yellow. (that is the exact link) or you can simply go to and just browse around.  If online shopping is a hassle for you, your impatient or you simply don’t trust it you can go to an Alice + Olivia boutique near you. If you are in New York the boutique is located on 40th St. and 6th Ave.


By the way…. Who did it more justice?

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