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Rihanna first wore these motorcycle boots after her appearance on TRL June 17th, then again yesterday when she stopped by the Fred Segal Salon in LA. I love the all black look that she wore yesterday better but…. When did she ROCK it?

Rihanna was spotted out & about in LA yesterday shopping with some pals rocking a cute laid-back all black look. Now y’all know all black is my FAVORITE look, it’s so sexy (and mysterious) and you can never go wrong:   This chic never fails, gotta love her!

By far the most popular post I have done was the post about Kira Plastinina’s US Launch Party. So for this SHL I bring you the woman behind the event. If you want her dress, which I’m guessing is made by her, you can have something like it: Ella Moss Layla Tiered Dress $155, Shop […]

Lately Keyshia Cole has been seen with some very bright eyes. While this trend is supposed to be heavy this season, being that the biggest trends in clothing are Maxi Dresses and Florals, Keyshia seems to be one-step ahead of her celebrity counterparts. Check out Keyshia’s bright eyes: I love the look on her and […]

Get That Look!


For the third installment of Get That Look, I am hooking you up for a night out on the town with the girls. A sexy-but-classy look:   Houndstooth Sequin Mini Dress $685, Saks Fifth Ave    Christian Louboutin Ron Ron Pumps $575, Saks Fifth Ave    Christian Louboutin Newspaper Patent Clutch $525, Saks Fifth Ave  […]

I have had my eye on L.A.M.B. for quite some time now. Being that it was another “celebrity line” I was skeptical about it at first like “here we go again!” but Gwen Stefani seems to know what she’s doing. So for the second edition of Fashion Watch (KLS was the first) I give you […]

  Besides looking good what you MUST do is smell good. Okay you’re fly and you’re make-up is on point but your skin must always be in tip-top shape and you have to smell good. This is not a game ladies! So for my very first Fragrance post I bring to you FABULOSITY (the newest fragrance […]

Gladiator’s have been getting hot and heavy with Tinnseltown’s finest lately, and while the style is not brand new, Givenchy has revived it and put it on our favorite celebutantes making it the hottest trend out right now:     To see the multiple faces of this trend and see where you can purchase, read below […]

Hit or Miss?


  Claudia Schiffer wore this mens wear inspired Chanel gown to the Vogue magazine party in Madrid. The late & great Yves Saint Laurent is who introduced mens wear into high end women’s fashion and every other designer followed in close pursuit. My question is, is this trend tired/played out? Should we still be wearing mens wear […]

Russian Supermodel,Ruslana Korshunova who once graced the cover of Russian Vogue, jumped 9 stories to her death yesterday (Saturday) in an apparent suicide. She fell on Water St. in the Financial District around 2:30 pm. “There’s no way she would have killed herself,” said her crying friend, Kira Titevena. “She loved life so much.”   Her […]