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Ever since Rihanna went short early last year to promote her Good Girl Gone Bad album it seems like everybody was rushing to the hair salons with pictures of Little Miss Sunshine. Although Kelis bust the trend first in her “Bossy” video when she boldly cut her hair at the beginning of the video, Bajan […]

Socialite Paris Hilton has a new fashion line coming soon.  Check the report below: “The 27-year-old heiress recently announced that her clothing line will be available for purchase online this summer! You can sign up for your special VIP shopping code and she will notify you by email when the launch is ready. Visit […]

Pink Smackers


Okay so I’m surfing the web and I keep noticing a pattern with my favorite singers. All of them seem to have Hot Pink lips: Rihanna did the pink lip thing at the 2008 Kid’s Choice Awards, X-Tina did it the other night at dinner and my favoritest singer in the whole wide world, Beyonce […]

Michelle Williams recently switched up her look and she came out to the Sex and The City: The Movie New York premiere to show her child to the world (her look that is): Her look is time less and fabulous, the dress- and the fit, the hair, the accessories, everything! It all plays into each […]

My favorite model, Adriana Lima, is covering the June issue of Elle Italy.  This chic is fab, very exotic looking. There’s this mysterious factor she has about her

Entertainment mogul Tyra Banks is on the new issue of New York Times magazine, where they are comparing her to Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey (she describes her self as a combination of both). I think her look is very mod and it actually fits her. But do you think it’s FIERCE or FEROCIOUS?

Beyonce wore these same shoes at two seperate events. She wore it first to the “Two Kings” party (photo’d with Gabrielle Union) that her new hubby Jay-Z and his fellow baller Lebron James held and then she wore it again earlier this month to a party Jay-Z threw at his New York 40/40 club: I […]

Looks like someone got them a new favorite designer: Beyonce Knowles-Carterhas been spotted lately all over New York and France in A LOT of Chanel. I guess she finally took a step back and looked at that mess of a clothing line, Dereon.  I wonder if Chanel is paying her to wear there brand, because they do […]

Many people may not know this but Kim Kardashian was a fashion stylist before she became famous for her…  ehh… and while I think her style is simplicity at it’s best, she can definetely use some pizzaz: Don’t get me wrong I love her style, but… what do you think?

My girl Aubrey O’Day is on this month’s cover of J’Adore magazine, her spread is fabulous by the way. She is wearing Heatherette frocks with a very funky ‘do and the whole vibe and look of the shoot screams GLAM PROM: Just fabulous!